Thursday, 13 August 2009

Emmet Swimming

I have pleasure in introducing you all to an amazing band who were brought to my attention by Ariel Publicity. They are called Emmet Swimming. They sound absolutely amazing. According to the Ariel website they are compared to, among others; The Cure, Barenaked Ladies and Tears For Fears. I definitely agree with The Cure comparison. The Cure is my fourth ever favourite band so that's quite a difficult thing for me to admit to, but that is how good Emmet Swimming are.

I find the lyrics so beautiful, that they actually bring a tear to my eye. Sorry if that sounded corny by the way, but I can't help it, I can get very emotional and girly when it comes to music!

Ariel are brilliant. They are always e-mailing me up-and-coming artists, but this is the first one I've listened to and thought wow.

I especially love "The Dance", "Don't Call Her" and the track "Joanna At The Door" makes me want to get up and salsa. It's got such an exciting latino feel to it.

If you go to Emmet Swimming's myspace you'll find some of their brilliant tracks on there, including the Cure-esque "Broken Oar".

You can buy their albums for pennies at

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