Wednesday, 29 April 2009

White Noise

Occasionally; only very occasionally, my mother will play music that grabs my attention.

An example of which is White Noise.

I was round her house a few weeks ago and she played an album of her teenage years, their debut album which she had to specially order from Fopp, Electric Storm, released on Island Records in 1969. Their myspace tells us:

"the debut White Noise album featured Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson, who had worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and David Vorhaus, who had studied classical orchestral bass playing and electronics.
Tne instrumentation consisted of early electronic instruments and a huge amount of tape manipulation, the standard techniques of the Workshop in those days. The album only emerged on CD - in a "matrix mixed" format - as late as 1996, again on Island, but was rapidly deleted. NOW RE-ISSUED BY UNIVERSAL"...

...and it is just incredible really. Each song sounds different to the other and it so enjoyable to sit back and listen to this masterpiece. I strongly recommend the song Here come the Fleas.

The amazing thing is, White Noise is still touring and making albums. They have a forthcoming concert at the London Planetarium. Just wait until I tell my mum, she is going to flip!

Friday, 24 April 2009

For a giggle

Cadbury's Eyebrow Advert

'Nuff said.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

Reality TV

Okay, Susan Boyle has a nice voice. It's nice. She's no Sandy Denny or Billie Holliday but she can put a tune together. I wish her all the best.

However...she is not AMEZZIN! nor is she the best thing since sliced bread. She is clearly a marketing ploy, a devisive technique for getting people watching Britain's Got Talent. I'm sure you've seen the audition; as the media keeps reminding us; everyone has. The camera seems to point in the right direction at the right time; the girl over-dramatically rolling her eyes, Simon forming a large grin. Le sigh.

These TV talent shows are a farce. Do not watch the X Factor. Do not watch Britain's Got Talent. If you want to find Britain's Talent, go to a gig recommended by a reputable local culture magazine, go to the theatre, peruse Waterstones. Do NOT watch Reality TV!

Which brings me on to my next topic, Jade Goody. I didn't want to make a post about her right after she died but after reading this I feel now is the time to speak up. Jade Goody was a racist and a bully. I wouldn't wish her tragic death from ovarian cancer at 27 on my worst enemy, but she has done nothing for noone except herself, and it is morally wrong to treat her as a modern-day saint.

We all know someone who has suffered from cancer. Did they have millions of pounds? Did they have media coverage? Before Jade contracted cancer, she was a millionairess with fame, her own salon, perfume and autobiography. After she contracted cancer, she decided to give interviews to OK! magazine, to ensure the best possible future for her sons. Not for the average people out there dealing with cancer, not for you, not for me. For her sons. Yes, I accept and appreciate cervical screenings may have gone up, but did she make that happen on purpose?

And yet, now, alas, they are doing this

If you want to hear a really talented singer, listen to Sandy Denny.

If you want to watch a good musical, I think Broadway's Ariel the Little Mermaid actually looks like the mutt's nutts.

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Really cool videos!

Ever heard of Sparrow and Workshop?

Check out a video of theirs


While on YouTube, I stumbled upon this gem which is a very talented duo's quite remarkable version of The Eagles' Hotel California. I can't really explain it that well, you'll have to see for yourselves!

Saturday, 4 April 2009


Does anyone else go through phases where they feel like all they ever want to do in life is spend it at the pub?


On Thursday just gone, I went to The Hillgrove in Kingsdown in Bristol to watch and write about an Oxjam gig called "Spring Fever". I dragged my boyfriend along as well. He is a professional photographer and he agreed to do some snaps, which from what I've seen on the camera, aren't too bad.

I just basically listened to the music, chatted to some of the acts and scribbled down everything.

It was a real experience for me as I have gone to many gigs in my time but I have never actually bothered to go up to the musicians to find out about them. I learnt a lot, from a journalistic point of view and a music lover's.

I shall post the article on here once I have sent it to Oxjam.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Here is a poem I've written!

Thank Heavens For You

I heard there was a talent contest
That turned music into tragedy
But Simon Cowell didn't
Really care for music did he

He turned a heartwrenching lyrical masterpiece
Into a Christmas bauble
And replaced the sweetest trill
With the harshest warble

The stars used to be the musicians
The artists and the writers
But now it's decided by marketing
We should revere WAGs, fraudsters, even bumfighters

Cheryl Cole's being paid five million
To write a series of books
While your average literature graduate
Has to do poorly-paid work

So thank heavens for those out there
Who still believe in real music and craft
Thank heavens for Radio 1 and The Guardian Culture section
And thank heavens for people like you, you may be the last.