Monday, 31 August 2009

Lindsey Mae

Lindsey Mae is one of my latest friends on Myspace. She is an acoustic singer and guitarist who has some pretty good songs under her belt. Papier Mache is a little like "Better Together" by Jack Johnson, to give you some idea of what she's like, but believe me, she does have her own style!

I'm honoured that Lindsey was the one who added me, because she's so talented, and at the time of writing this, she has 24351 friends on myspace, with a flooded comments board.

I really love the harmonies on Lindsey's songs, she has a sweet, simple voice that has a special honesty to it. All of her songs are good. They're very relaxing to listen to, the sort of thing I'd put on the jukebox when I'm in a pub during the day.

Here's an excerpt from Lindsey Mae's myspace, where you can become one of her contacts:

"I tell stories from what i see and what i feel, for all the world to hear, understand, and relate to. Music is all about the story behind the writer, inside the noise, between the written words. It's about the story that comes with it and the one you make of it. It is the spaces left empty between the lines for you to fill with your own story, to finish the story. That is what music big never-ending story."

How beautiful is that?

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