Thursday, 24 June 2010

Joanna Newsom - Have One On Me

Joanna Newsom has a brand new album out! It's called Have One On Me and I have to say it's every bit as good as Milk-Eyed Mender. There is a track on the new album that clearly stands out for me, and that is 'Good Intentions Paving Company'.

The song is amazing on so many levels. The lyrics are just great. My favourite line is 'How I said to you 'honey, just open your heart' when I've got trouble even opening a honey jar.' I also love the changes in tempo, the harmonies and the general message of the song. It's so honest, pure and real.

Just in case you needed to be reminded of just how amazing this woman is, have a look at this live performance from Later...with Jools Holland.

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