Thursday, 8 July 2010

Delta Maid - Exciting new act!

Delta Maid is a singer, songwriter and amazing guitarist. I had the privilege of watching her live at the Isle of Wight Festival on the acoustic stage on Sunday 13th June 2010. This was the first time I had heard of her, let alone heard her music, and I was just blown away, as was my friend, whose perception and appreciation of music is very different to mine. My friend is an accomplished guitarist and he has studied music theory in depth, so not only is he able to play songs to a very high standard, he also writes great songs, so the fact that he was amazed by Delta says something about her.

Delta sings American blues and country music, and she hails from Liverpool, another reason why I like her. She has a very broad Scouse accent, and when she was describing what her songs were about in between playing them, that natural northern charm came straight through. Check her out at and have a look at this video:

The same day she played at the festival, a fellow Liverpudlian by the name of Paul McCartney did a set. It was a glorious 1 hour and 45 minutes long, closed the festival and ended with fireworks. And I had the honour of watching this. Have a look for yourself, I think you'll agree I had a good time!

Oh yeah, while we're talking about Beatles, happy 70th birthday Ringo, you friggin' cool dude!


  1. Thanks for posting.Indeed "Real Music".We need to hear more of this!

  2. Love the acoustic - - Paul was amazing - but I'm leaning toward the new stuff myself. Can I email or suggest some of my favorites to you? I like the little known - just getting started artists myself. Looks like your blog will be a treasure trove of those for me!