Sunday, 22 February 2009

Some amazing, uplifting, talented people!

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On the London Underground you will find some amazing musicians.

One I saw recently is a man called Jean Claude Madhero. Listen to one of his beautiful pieces of music here.

I like him because he has a marvellously eccentric taste in clothes and his music is very uplifting.

As you may already know, I like poetry, but it's a dying art. There are very few poets today that manage to their work heard or read by a lot of people. One of the few is the incredibly talented Scroobius Pip. A genuinely gifted poet, he performs regularly on Radio 1 on the "Spoken Word Surgery". His work is often backed by Dan le Sac, who puts some beats and tunes to it.

Have a look at the video for his most famous piece, "Thou Shalt Always Kill". I find this an hilarious social commentary as well as an excellent collection of verses.

Also, have a listen to another poem by him which I feel is just as good called Letter From God

The fact I and lots of other people know about him is thanks to Radio One who are brilliant at showcasing new, original talent. Here's another gem

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