Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Someone please comment!

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May I draw your attention to a superbly written blog - which contains some wonderful poetry, all by the same guy, Nick Turk. Without reading his blog I would not have discovered the huge crime against literature - Cheryl Cole - talentless chav who beat up a toilet attendant - is to be paid £5m to write a fiction book.


What is the world coming to?

Please, if this book gets released, do not buy it. Spare a thought for the real writers out there with real talent who struggle to earn a crust. Come on. Which book would you rather read? That written by someone who has studied the art of writing a story and can do it well, or the opposite, who pays a ghostwriter to do it for them, such as Jordan, Billie Piper et al...Basically, if you have a brain, you will know not to purchase this book.


Just to keep readers updated, I have started working for Oxjam, I have been speaking to people at work, getting the word out about it, and I have put up a poster and some leaflets at my place of work. If this sounds interesting, find out more here.

I have just 4 sessions left until I will have completed my PTLLS course! Yaaaay!

I'd like to take this opportunity to say that I have been on a diet and have been working my butt off at the gym since January and have lost 9 lbs. I would like to lose 26 more by my 23rd birthday on the 6th May.

Okay, lots of personal information there I know but maybe it will encourage someone to post a comment, maybe about their own struggle with their weight.

I want this blog to be as interactive as possible, so pleeeeeease comment. If you disagree with what I say, yes, I still want you to comment. I'm all for healthy, adult debate.

I will reply, I promise!

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