Thursday, 23 April 2009

Reality TV

Okay, Susan Boyle has a nice voice. It's nice. She's no Sandy Denny or Billie Holliday but she can put a tune together. I wish her all the best.

However...she is not AMEZZIN! nor is she the best thing since sliced bread. She is clearly a marketing ploy, a devisive technique for getting people watching Britain's Got Talent. I'm sure you've seen the audition; as the media keeps reminding us; everyone has. The camera seems to point in the right direction at the right time; the girl over-dramatically rolling her eyes, Simon forming a large grin. Le sigh.

These TV talent shows are a farce. Do not watch the X Factor. Do not watch Britain's Got Talent. If you want to find Britain's Talent, go to a gig recommended by a reputable local culture magazine, go to the theatre, peruse Waterstones. Do NOT watch Reality TV!

Which brings me on to my next topic, Jade Goody. I didn't want to make a post about her right after she died but after reading this I feel now is the time to speak up. Jade Goody was a racist and a bully. I wouldn't wish her tragic death from ovarian cancer at 27 on my worst enemy, but she has done nothing for noone except herself, and it is morally wrong to treat her as a modern-day saint.

We all know someone who has suffered from cancer. Did they have millions of pounds? Did they have media coverage? Before Jade contracted cancer, she was a millionairess with fame, her own salon, perfume and autobiography. After she contracted cancer, she decided to give interviews to OK! magazine, to ensure the best possible future for her sons. Not for the average people out there dealing with cancer, not for you, not for me. For her sons. Yes, I accept and appreciate cervical screenings may have gone up, but did she make that happen on purpose?

And yet, now, alas, they are doing this

If you want to hear a really talented singer, listen to Sandy Denny.

If you want to watch a good musical, I think Broadway's Ariel the Little Mermaid actually looks like the mutt's nutts.


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  2. I think you've got point there about Britain's Got Talent...

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