Wednesday, 29 April 2009

White Noise

Occasionally; only very occasionally, my mother will play music that grabs my attention.

An example of which is White Noise.

I was round her house a few weeks ago and she played an album of her teenage years, their debut album which she had to specially order from Fopp, Electric Storm, released on Island Records in 1969. Their myspace tells us:

"the debut White Noise album featured Delia Derbyshire and Brian Hodgson, who had worked for the BBC Radiophonic Workshop, and David Vorhaus, who had studied classical orchestral bass playing and electronics.
Tne instrumentation consisted of early electronic instruments and a huge amount of tape manipulation, the standard techniques of the Workshop in those days. The album only emerged on CD - in a "matrix mixed" format - as late as 1996, again on Island, but was rapidly deleted. NOW RE-ISSUED BY UNIVERSAL"...

...and it is just incredible really. Each song sounds different to the other and it so enjoyable to sit back and listen to this masterpiece. I strongly recommend the song Here come the Fleas.

The amazing thing is, White Noise is still touring and making albums. They have a forthcoming concert at the London Planetarium. Just wait until I tell my mum, she is going to flip!

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