Saturday, 4 April 2009


Does anyone else go through phases where they feel like all they ever want to do in life is spend it at the pub?


On Thursday just gone, I went to The Hillgrove in Kingsdown in Bristol to watch and write about an Oxjam gig called "Spring Fever". I dragged my boyfriend along as well. He is a professional photographer and he agreed to do some snaps, which from what I've seen on the camera, aren't too bad.

I just basically listened to the music, chatted to some of the acts and scribbled down everything.

It was a real experience for me as I have gone to many gigs in my time but I have never actually bothered to go up to the musicians to find out about them. I learnt a lot, from a journalistic point of view and a music lover's.

I shall post the article on here once I have sent it to Oxjam.

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