Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Here is a poem I've written!

Thank Heavens For You

I heard there was a talent contest
That turned music into tragedy
But Simon Cowell didn't
Really care for music did he

He turned a heartwrenching lyrical masterpiece
Into a Christmas bauble
And replaced the sweetest trill
With the harshest warble

The stars used to be the musicians
The artists and the writers
But now it's decided by marketing
We should revere WAGs, fraudsters, even bumfighters

Cheryl Cole's being paid five million
To write a series of books
While your average literature graduate
Has to do poorly-paid work

So thank heavens for those out there
Who still believe in real music and craft
Thank heavens for Radio 1 and The Guardian Culture section
And thank heavens for people like you, you may be the last.

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