Saturday, 17 January 2009

A little poem

Okay, this is a poem I wrote a little while after the terrorist attacks in London. I don't know if it's a little too political, or maybe cheesy for some people but I feel it's not as rubbish as most of my other stuff! For a reminder of what it's about go to

Doves Over London

These people who bomb, thinking of hate
Are not clever, brave or true
The hate that they feel is what they create
When they kill people like me and you

After these deeds they think they shall come
To a divine and glorious reward
But with such evil in mind, all they have won
Is a place where but darkness is stored

If you have been touched by some evil deeds
Pray don’t feel angry, hateful or sour
Pity these bombers full of selfish greed
And you shall hold your own power

For such evil in the world thats causes us pain
Can be culled only by peace and love
So someday these things will not happen again
In place of bombs over London there’ll be doves

Thanks for reading :)

In music news, a good artist that seems to get overlooked is KT Tunstall. I think she's written some brilliant songs. She is very talented and I really enjoy listening to her music. Check her out at which I must say is excellently designed. My favourite song is "If Only" because it can be about so many things but to me it means something important and very personal. Oh yeah, she also plays guitar!

An example of a very bad artist is Basshunter . The lyrics are just awful, the songs are simply uninspiring in general and the videos are also terrible. I don't think it's good to see scantily clad women in music videos in the daytime. What about impressionable children? And their poor ears, having the bad music on top of all those images?

That's my personal opinion though. I don't mean to offend anyone.


  1. I like the idea of replacing bombs with doves...

    thanks for stopping by my site to read and comment

  2. Vicky can you write smiliar poem regarding terrorist attack in mumbai

  3. Thanks for your comment too Pauline!

    I can certainly try Justin! Thanks