Thursday, 15 January 2009

Update about me and an update about music

I attended my first PTLLS class on Monday which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was a real keener and submitted my homework via e-mail on Tuesday night. I've had it back and I've made the grade on them so woohoo!

A problem I've got is confidence. The course requires me to do presentations and a "micro-teach" for my peers. I tend to fall to pieces on anything that involves me speaking in front of an audience. Quite badly. Which doesn't bode well for teaching, does it, haha!

I seem to be alright when I perform my poetry though. I mean, I feel the nerves, I shake and everything, but on camera I look okay, just a little shy.

I'm hoping to get on the poetry circuit again as it's been nearly a year since my last performance.

Maybe reading out poetry in public will help me gain confidence with the teaching course, or vice versa??

Anyway, in other news.

Amy Winehouse has been offered her first film role - as a music teacher! I say, hurrah!

Amy is a fine singer and musician. I recommend people listen to her first album "Frank" which in my opinion is much better than "Back to Black".

Back to Black is essentially 60's style Motown, whereas Frank is more her style, it's total jazz with a contemporary beat and feel. I hope her new album will return to this genre.

Yes, she has drug problems but she is getting help and has put on weight recently which is excellent news for her fans and the music world.

I downloaded Frank from iTunes for a very reasonable price.

For some relaxing music and an interesting website, please go to .

This is a loooong post...

I love St. Ives in Cornwall. Beautiful beaches, art galleries, cornish pasties and ice creams. However what a lot of people don't know about St. Ives is its excellent music culture. It has a very big blues scene. My favourite St. Ives band for the past donkeys' years has been Dirty Livin' Rhythm Band which can be found at .

They are looking for a lead singer if anyone is interested!

By the way...

LISTEN TO REAL MUSIC! Don't listen to X-Factor rubbish. I've had my ears tortured for the past four days at work having to listen to Burke murdering "Hallelujah" on GWR fm twice a day. Come on, this cannot happen again! Stop the awful covers!

Kiss FM is utter rubbish, while we're on the subject of bad radio. Listen to Radio 1. They always showcase new bands and DJ Colin Murray really helped the Christmas Jeff Buckley campaign by publicising it at the beginning of one of his shows and playing the definitive version of "Hallelujah"

Just think, "what if I were in a band, trying to earn a crust"?

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