Sunday, 11 January 2009

Mixed bag

I saw a band at The Golden Lion in Bristol with my boyfriend a couple of months ago called the Manfredi Funk Initiative which totally blew me away. They're a funk/jazz band with a very talented saxophonist.

I really like to see a good saxophonist because I play the clarinet and it inspires me. I enjoyed them so much that I booked tickets to see them again on New Year's Eve!

Have a little listen here:

Now, here is a lady with a lovely singing voice, Adrianne Sebastian Scott. She is also a Jeff Buckley fan, which gives her extra brownie points in my eyes!

Aaaand to close, I'll leave you with a little bit of light-hearted poetry from myself...

Poem about Fruit

I bought a bag full of fruit today
It cost me under a pound
An orange, some grapes, a banana
And the ripest plum I found

It was something that would be good for me
And help me lose some weight
'Cause fruit has a low G.I.
Or something I was told by a mate

So I made my way through the bag
Boring though it was for me
'Til all I had left was the orange
Which I looked at thoughtfully

As I peeled I noticed it
Was mostly made of water and air
And as I took a bite
I tasted bitterness there

But it was not as bad
As at first it did seem
'Cause I smothered all over it
A big dollop of cream!


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