Sunday, 8 March 2009

Downloads vs CDs

^^^^From Purina website

I'm coming towards the end of the PTLLS course now, eek!

I'm getting involved in allsorts of voluntary work. Next week I shall be helping out at The Moggery and I shall be watching a performance by the group of students I have been helping to teach.

The ball's started rolling with Oxjam, I've started contacting musicians to perform at a gig already!

In music news, Eminem has filed a lawsuit against Universal for better royalties from download sales. This could be a landmark battle and I think it could mean a better life for all musicians.

I don't know about you but I feel it's sad that downloads have pretty much replaced CDs in music sales. Not just for sentimental reasons but it means less music is actually being bought and sold and musicians are making less money.

Of course, mega-rich celebrities like Eminem aren't exactly struggling but the fact is the majority of artists are.

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