Thursday, 19 March 2009

Classic Rock magazine

Rest In Peace Natasha Richardson - May 1963 - March 2009

Classic Rock magazine is excellent. It's got so many interesting articles, facts and photographs, letters from other Classic Rock fans and it's a true joy to read.

This month you get a free cd which is a compilation of "lost tunes" including tracks by Mott the Hoople, The Moody Blues, Caravan and Thunderclap Newman. If you don't want to buy the magazine, head over to , it's an aladdin's cave of downloadable mp3s of songs you thouht you'd forgotten or didn't know existed and songs that you can't get anywhere else.

There is also an interesting interview with Kat Von D who explains the connection between tattoos and classic rock. It's got a review of a Muse biography "Out of This World: The Story of Muse" by Mark Beaumont.

I also found out that The Darkness, except for Justin Hawkins, reformed in 2008. Mr Hawkins has been busy setting up another band called Hot Leg. They have released their debut album "Red Light Fever" and from what I've read we can expect it to have the very same frivolity, campness and out-of-this world guitar solos. I just might have to buy it. I adored The Darkness, I still have a t-shirt. Justin Hawkins may have had to go to rehab for his addiction to cocaine but the guy is amazing. He's from Lowestoft, drives Lamborghinis and has a superbly english sense of humour. You've got to love him. His brother Dan is also lovely.

On the radio I've been hearing a very annoying garage/hip-hop sampling of Dead or Alive's "Round Round" and I am not amused. I don't know who it's by, and nor do I care, I HATE IT! Please stop playing it!


  1. Classic Rock magazines were so cool.... love your blog. Its very entertaining!

  2. Thank you A.K., your blog looks really interesting too, and thank you for following me :)