Sunday, 3 May 2009

Getting Lost in Allston

^^^ By K.A. Ambrose

The most amazing blog I have ever seen has been brought to my attention, and it is by someone called K.A. Ambrose who lives in the United States. The blog is full of colour and it is written with such passion and spirit.

"...we should be able to approach , as we would call this the pre-enlightened age. thing that are just outside of really feeling. they come as disturbances in the force, and define a way of interaction but jar intuition jam its frequency and determine out side of us.

“ a knight and a night did battle
a days of daze followed. “
For all the nobility of thought and reason. we are bound to the documentation of feelings.
but there in that, , Walking is a mater of
how you see”
all life is creation. Be that a return to roman classics, then further the conversation with enactment. with acceptance, mean the god man first cares he is god man, life is the futility of civilizations merit systems, only a quiet day to let birds in . lets light shine. the ability to aee hear, feel that and every dawn is heaven. While responsibility doesn’t first become, no magical powers except maybe empathy, no guessing the lottery number for materialism are only so. All higher life is without. "

Ambrose is a writer, and artist, but also a truly wonderful musician that goes by the name of Kada. Go to and download Getting Lost in Allston, which is simply one of the sweetest pieces of music I have ever heard.


  1. Nice blog, and nice picture! i´ll come back to visit. Greattings from Buenos Aires, ARgentina! I´ll be in touch.

  2. Thank you, my head just exploded!

  3. wow ,, thank you for mentioning my site and my work. I am K.A.Ambrose. Kada is also,(Jammin nItely) I am creating A literary art magazine , and i am looking for purely abstract word artist writers.