Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Amy Winehouse cancels Shepherd's Bush gig


Amy Winehouse was due to play London Shepherd's Bush as her first gig in the UK in months but has cancelled.

I do really hope she is getting her life back on track but it sounds like she's just getting worse.

Her last gig in St. Lucia was apparently a shambles; she allegedly couldn't remember the words to her own songs and walked off stage half-way through blaming the weather conditions.

Sources say Amy Winehouse is working on her third album. I don't think we'll ever see it. It seems to me that the only way the album will get released is as part of a post-humous greatest hits collection.


  1. Sadly i agree she does seem to be getting worse. Hope she does come out with another album!!!

  2. I hope so too. She is a brilliant singer and songwriter.

  3. I wrote her and offered to be her private therapist as she needs one. I'm well qualified, have all types of licenses, and am also licensed in clinical, (having the years and experience) differentiated from admin or structural. Maybe you can help me. She can actually afford to pay as opposed to many of the others I help spontaneously.

  4. lol, you are though on her!! But I agree with you. We shouldnt expect nothing from her and should forget her

  5. I wouldn't be surprised, but I hope she gets it together.