Thursday, 21 May 2009

Matt and Kim

I just heard of Matt and Kim while looking at DJ Samantha Ronson's website. They are actually pretty good. They've got a fresh, upbeat sound and it looks like they're making a real name for themselves. They're described on Wikipedia as an "Indie Rock duo" which seems pretty accurate to me. They're from New York.

Anyway, to check them out, go to their myspace. I highly recommend it!


  1. Samantha Ronson surprisingly knows good bands.
    I've listen to Matt&Kim and I think they were really good bot my fav. indie rock band but they are talented.

  2. Hey Vicky or shud I be calling u CT ? Lemme know. Vik sounds better though. :-)
    Ok, an off thing comment here...sorry for that. Im quite interested in knowing wot did u mean by stating that u r a basic skills tutor ? Wt skills might u be talkin about?

    And hey...shake hands. Music lover myself. :-)

  3. LazyKing, I know, she always seems to know who the next big thing are!

    Hi Anand :)

    Vicky is fine, the CT just stands for Cherub Tattoo.

    Basic Skills means basic literacy, numeracy or I.T.