Sunday, 10 May 2009

Why The Cure are amazing

^ Neal Preston,

The Cure is one of my top four favourite bands and I thought it was only right that I do a post about them sooner or later.

They only became one of my favourite bands very recently. Up until then, I'd just heard a song here and there, a theme tune to a programme (Close To Me), or a song on the jukebox (Boys Don't Cry), or on the soundtrack to a film (Just Like Heaven), absolutely loved it but not known who it was by and not really cared, until I discovered all of these amazing songs were by the same group.

I can't really explain why I like their music so much. I believe it may have something to do with the sound production. Their music really comes alive with a good sound system. A thought I keep having about them is that their music is like an "ear massage"!

Lady Sovereign fell out of my good books lately when she sampled "Close To Me" for her latest song. It just shouldn't be allowed. The Cure are unique and no good will come of meddling with their songs. If a song doesn't have all of the ingredients; the instruments, Robert Smith's voice and the sound production from another planet, it's not The Cure and it will just sound mediocre.

I just had a little peek at their website and found a beautifully written letter from the gorgeous Robert Smith to his fans on the first page. It's his argument against all music being free, and I totally agree with him.

I've always thought about the artists out there that are trying to put food on the table, hence why I started this blog.

The Cure have just finished a tour and I am absolutely kicking myself for not going, but I wouldn't have been able to afford it. Maybe next time.

They actually released a new album called 4:13 Dream last October, which I may just have to buy, and they are releasing another one this October! They are pure geniuses.

By the way, they formed in 1976.


  1. Hi! The Cure are one of my many favs as well. Saw them about 4 times in the 80s, once at the Royal Albert Hall, which was fun (bar staff used to dishing out G&Ts serving hordes of Goths, ha!).

    Seventeen Seconds is probably my favourite album with Head on the Door coming a close second. They don't make bands like this any more.

  2. You

    And no, they do not!