Thursday, 28 May 2009

Mark Ronson and The Rumble Strips

Mark Ronson is one of my music heroes.

Every song the DJ and producer works on sounds fantastic. Unless you've been living under a rock for the past two years, you must have heard his award-winning 2007 album, "Version" for which he produced cover songs sung by British artists.

There was of course the smash hit cover of Zutons' "Valerie" by Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen's very snazzy version of "Oh My God" by Kaiser Chiefs, and Daniel Merriweather's soulful take on The Smith's "Stop Me".

And now he has produced The Rumble Strips' latest album "Welcome To The Walk Alone".

From what I could hear on The Rumble Strips' myspace it sounds every bit as good as everything else he's produced, including Amy Winehouse's Back To Black album.

Of course, Mark Ronson can't take all of the credit, The Rumble Strips - a Soul/Ska band from Tavistock, Devon - have been going for years. They released an album in 2007 called Girls and Weather, and a single called Motorcycle.

In the band you have Charlie Waller on lead vocals and guitar, Tom Gorbutt on sax, vocals and bass, Henry Clark on trumpet, vocals and bass, Matthew Wheeler on drums and Sam Mansbridge on bass, vocals and orange drum.

"Welcome To The Walk Alone" will be released on July 13th.


  1. :( I was living under a rock but I checked him on youtube and I have to agree with you. He is a genius.

  2. *Lets out a very girly "Yayyyy"*

    I'm always thrilled when others hear the music I like for the first time and decide they like it too! I love passing on my personal music knowledge :D

    Thank you for your very nice comment Mr. LazyKing :) x