Friday, 22 May 2009

Alex Roots - not Fake

^ Nicked from Alex Roots' Myspace ;)

I genuinely believe that I have just discovered for myself the best female punk rocker since Debbie Harry. She is definitely up there with Wendy James and Suzi Quatro.

I can just visualise her songs playing loudly while I'm driving my car with the window open.

Alex Roots has a terrific voice, she can sing live, she co-writes her songs, she has attitude, brains, and she's really cute!

I just found her by reading an article by Paul Lester at The Guardian about how we have lots of talented young female singers entering the charts. I have to agree with him there. We've already got Lady GaGa, Lily Allen and Katy Perry and friends.

Here he talks about Alex Roots alongside Paloma Faith, Daisy Dares You, Pixie Lott, Sky Ferreira et al.

Being what I like to refer to as a "lady of leisure", I had the time to check out all of the girls' music on myspace. Alex Roots clearly shines the brightest out of all of them.

On this occasion I will have to disregard Radio 1 and say that Alex Roots deserves the most airplay on the radio.

All of Alex Root's songs are really, very good, but especially Fake which is amazing; and the video for it, in my opinion, is fantastic.

Alex Roots' Myspace - Look for the "Fake" video


  1. I'll have to check her out! Also, another good strong female singer/songwriter is Ladyhawke. She's from NZ and has an electro-punk sound and is amazing in terms of the hook.

  2. I like Paris is Burning, but, sorry Alex Roots is still better :p

  3. Well then I must check it out!